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    Our Asset Protection and Remediation Capabilities

    Residential Apartments, Heritage Buildings, Strata Units incl. High Rise
    Commercial Buildings, Industrial Units, Other Buildings incl. High Rise
    Sewerage, Storm & Waste Water, Pits & Manhole Infrastructure
    Bridges, Roads, Rail, Retaining Walls & Abutment Infrastructure
    Dams, Reservoirs, Storage Tanks & Culvert Infrastructure
    Sea Walls, Jetties, General Marine & Coastal Infrastructure

    FCS Concrete Repairs have the capability to provide fluid containment, concrete remediation, heritage restoration, and protective coating services and solutions for a wide range of buildings and structures, from residential buildings to sewerage treatment plants, from bridges to jetties, from dams to storage tanks and everywhere in between.

    Our capabilities are extensive.

    FCS Concrete Repairs’ strength is in its knowledge and experience with the very latest products and systems available such as polyurea coatings, polyurethane injection, carbon fibre polymer strengthening, manhole refurbishment, concrete slab jacking and storage tank relining. And perhaps in the not too distant future self-healing concrete.

    Our Industry is continually evolving and we are moving with it.

    FCS Concrete Repairs is committed to providing investigative services, testing and diagnosis to enable effective solutions to be recommended and provided to remediate and protect your valuable property investment.

    Effective solutions require knowledge and experience.

    FCS Concrete Repairs have repaired and replaced deteriorated and degraded concrete in high rise residential and commercial buildings.

    Cost effective remediation of your property investment is achievable.

    FCS Concrete Repairs has experience in remediation of concrete structural elements in buildings and other structures. FCS has provided structural strengthening to high rise buildings and bridges. FCS has repaired areas of concrete cancer/spalling from minor patching to major repairs to full replacement where the steel reinforcement has been compromised.

    Permanent protection of your building/structure is an essential outcome.

    FCS Concrete Repairs can save you major remediation costs and protect your structure into the future but you must act now, before the problem becomes a big problem.

    The range of services available from FCS Concrete Repairs is extensive so if you have a problem or need advice please contact us. We are here to advise and help!

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