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    By: Nalini.S, Annapurani.M and Sivaranjani. S
    Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,
    Vel Tech Dr RR & Dr SR Technical University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

    Epoxies are high-strength plastics with properties that meet or exceed those of concrete. Epoxy injection provides a permanent structural repair to cracked or fractured concrete; cracks just visible to the eye can be injected. The added benefit is that it waterproofs structures, prevents water infiltration and re-bars corrosion and spall formation. As a result, this process essentially preserves concrete and prevents continual damage.


    1. The structural improvement such as strength and ductility of concrete cube with a series of experiment.
    2. The main aim of this study is to identify the characteristics strength of cube by epoxy injection and different grouting materials.
    3. And restore the structural integrity and resistance to the concrete element

    Properties of epoxy resin:

    1. Viscosity.
    2. Epoxy equivalent.
    3. Oxyhdrogen equivalent.
    4. Average molecular weight and its distribution.
    5. Softening point.
    6. Temperature of heat deformation after erosslinkage


    • Review of literature
    • Preliminary test on cement, fine and coarse aggregates.
    • Concrete mix design
    • Casting of concrete specimen. (cube, cylinder, and prism)
    • Test on harden concrete
    • Comparison of results with controlled specimens
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion


    1. Epoxy materials achieved the objective of increasing strength with a negligible change of global mass.
    2. External confinement of concrete specimen with Epoxy resulted in an increase in the strength and ductility.
    3. Epoxy strengthening of concrete cubes improves the strength than that of the conventional concrete cubes. So it can be used as an alternative strengthening method
    4. The provision of injection resulted in a substantial reduction in the measurement of cracked concrete specimens.
    5. Epoxy Resin is the best material to give more strength compared to other injecting materials.
    6. Epoxy adhesives are the most common adhesives used for repair crack by Injection Technique.
    7. It was proven to be a very successful one.
    8. Thus, the use of Epoxy is increase compressive strength across a crack, if further cracking is not anticipated.


    Reference: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET) Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2017, pp. 227–234

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