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    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Strengthening Systems, Structural Strengthening

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    FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd are highly specialised in all aspects of concrete restoration, preservation and protection. We are equipped with the latest technology in fluid containment, chemical or contamination exclusion and the rectification of any type of concrete and masonry based structures.

    Vast industry experience and a strong professional team enable us to offer our clients premium remedial and preventative solutions across a broad range of projects from multi residential situations right through to high profile multi-million dollar infrastructure specifically Carbon Fibre Reinforcement is an area we excel in.

    FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd have completed Carbon fibre reinforced externally bonded reinforcement (CFR).

    FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd provide a step by step process for the strengthening of structures using Carbon Fibre plate systems for externally bonded reinforcement.

    Carbon fibre reinforced externally bonded reinforcement (CFR) can be in the form of ridged strip, plates or woven unidirectional carbon fibre fabric, designed for structural strengthening applications as part of a strengthening system.

    Structural strengthening must only be carried out by trained and experienced specialists, if additional clarification or advice is needed, please do not hesitate to contact FCS Concrete Repairs who will be pleased to assist you.

    FCS Concrete Repairs have had extensive experience and are certified trained applicators of the SIKA SikaWrap® and CarboDur® products.

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