General Concrete


Prior to commencing repair of concrete structures,
it is advisable to investigate the possible causes of the degradation.

What’s General Concrete Repair ?

The main factors in determining the quality, strength and durability of concrete are the water ratio in the concrete mix and the extent of curing carried out after the concrete is poured. If there is an excess of water content in the concrete mix then the quality and strength of the concrete is affected and the finished concrete becomes more porous and exposed to damage. Curing is critical as it is important to keep the concrete hydrated whilst it is setting. If moisture in the surface of the concrete evaporates during the setting period, then plastic cracking can occur.

Compaction of the concrete is also critical in making it less porous and in reducing the amount of water that can enter the concrete and cause the embedded steel reinforcement to corrode and cause widespread deterioration of the concrete structure.

Our Advice

Preventive maintenance over the life of the concrete structure is more cost effective than remediation after deterioration progresses and, if left, accelerates to the point where the costs of repair are excessive.

The Solution

FCS Concrete Repairs are experts in the repair and protection of concrete structures in Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Residential High-rise Buildings and Infrastructure and are experienced and well e quipped to investigate and carry out all forms of concrete repair and protection.

Our General Concrete Repair Services

  • Concrete cancer repairs
  • Concrete damage repairs using polymer modified cementations
  • Concrete structural repairs including removal and full
  • Concrete stair repairs including repair treads, risers and
  • Concrete repairs using epoxy repair
  • Concrete joints and jointing
  • Concrete gap repairs between floor
  • Concrete bund repair and apply protective coating.
  • Concrete crack
  • Concrete spalling
  • Concrete honeycombing repairs
  • Concrete toppings and repair
  • Concrete grinding and levelling
    • Abrasive blasting
    • Carbon fibre structural strengthening
    • Concrete crack injection
    • Concrete grinding
    • Concrete remediation
    • General concrete repairs
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Expansion joint repairs
    • Polished concrete and repairs
    • Polyurea linings
    • Polyurethane crack injections
    • Protective coatings
    • Specialist coatings
    • Strata Unit repairs
    • Structural strengthening
    • Testing and Diagnosis
    • Water leak repairs and remediation
    • Waterproofing
    Our process considers a tailormade solution for your
    concrete repairing need. This is how we approach each project:


    We conduct professional investigations and diagnosis of the issue in order to identify the source and cause. Identifying the source and cause of the issue is vital in finding the best solution and preventing further problems. Once the cause of the issue has been identified and confirmed, we then determine the optimum repair system for each specific application. These processes are often performed under the guidance of highly qualified engineers, designers or architects.


    We access the most advanced technologies in concrete Restoration and Preservation from leading manufacturers worldwide to reinstate the structural integrity of any concrete structure. We strictly adhere to all manufacture and design specifications ensuring that the right system is used and applied correctly for your project.


    Longevity and continuing performance of the repair can be at risk if protection and preservation measures against future potential contamination threats are not adequately addressed. We also conduct operational and environmental investigations to ensure that future contaminant risks are specifically controlled using the most effective treatments available.

    Certified concrete repair and protection services

    We have the most up-to-date systems and certifications to perform the best work with safety and quality.

    What People Say About Us


    Excellent job! I am really happy with the finished product and would highly recommend booking FCS Concrete services.

    Mason Cooper

    Thank you to Tony & team for a wonderful concreting job they have completed. Their communication was great from the start ensuring the desired result at the finish. I’m very happy the recommend tradespeople like this that take pride & work with professionalism & do things properly. Thanks Concrete Works

    Oscar Clarke

    We’ve just used Tony and his team for a major job we are having done at our block of units, Concrete Works have been brilliant to deal with, can’t recommend them highly enough, if we could give 10 starts we would!

    Ethan Campbell

    Would highly recommend Tony and his team if you’re looking for a trustworthy and professional service. The work completed was exceptional & completed in a timely manner!

    William Anderson

    This teams performance was amazing, on time, great communication. Highly recommend these boys for any of your work.

    Oliver Adams