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    Concrete Remediation and Restoration, Concrete Cancer, Leak Repairs, Crack Injection

    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Strengthening Systems, Structural Strengthening

    Protective Coatings, Fluid Containment, Tank & Pipe Relining, Polyurethane, Polyurea, Urethane & Epoxy Coatings

    Permeation Grouting, Leak Repairs, Slab Lifting, Void Filling, Soil Stabilisation, Gushing Leak Sealing, Chemical Grouting, Curtain Grouting Barriers.

    Surface Preparation, Scarification, Turbo & Abrasive Blasting, Sandblasting.

    Investigation Services, Testing & Diagnosis, Coating Inspection

    Services and Processes

    FCS Concrete Repairs was established to provide fluid containment, concrete remediation, restoration, and protective coating services and solutions to an Industry which is continually evolving and introducing new products and systems.

    FCS Concrete Repairs is committed to being at the forefront of the latest technologies and to provide investigative services, testing and diagnosis to enable effective solutions to be recommended and provided to remediate and protect your valuable property investment.

    FCS Concrete Repairs have the knowledge and resources to help.

    FCS Concrete Repairs recommends that property owners and managers become familiar with the early signs of concrete deterioration and that immediate advice be obtained from FCS Concrete Repairs when such observations are made. Extended delays in remediating and protecting the property will add thousands then tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the eventual cost of repair. Don’t risk serious structural damage. Protect your asset. Get advice now.

    FCS Concrete Repairs also has the resources and capability to remediate the country’s ageing sewerage, storm and waste water infrastructure. Cost effective solutions are available with the latest technologies from Australia and overseas.

    FCS Concrete Repairs specialty is the remediation of incidences of concrete spalling or concrete cancer as it is more commonly known.

    FCS Concrete Repairs has the technologies for the injection of polyurethanes to lift concrete slabs back to level at a fraction of the cost of replacing the slab and to stabilise soil, fill voids behind walls and under slabs, and stop gushing leaks.

    FCS Concrete Repairs can provide structural strengthening through the use of carbon fibre polymer material. This is particularly effective for bridges and structural elements in buildings and other structures.

    The range of services available from FCS Concrete Repairs is extensive so if you have a problem or need advice please contact us.

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