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    Certifications - Jaz AnzCertifications - SafetyCertifications - QualityCertifications - Environmental

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    FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd are fully resourced and ready to discuss your requirements and schedule an estimate or if you just wish to make an enquiry or need advice we can investigate your problem and recommend the best and most cost effective course of action. Phone our Managing Director.

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    FCS are Preferred and Approved Contractors

    Why work with us?
    We have the “know-how” to deliver the best outcomes


    Audited Fully Compliant Integrated Management System.

    Our company operates under a compliant fully integrated management system with documented procedures for: Management System, Sales Management, Human Resources, Purchasing & Subcontracting, Service Delivery, Safety Management and Environment Management


    Our employees are our greatest resource.

    Our employees are:
    Recognised for their industry experience, trained in all aspects of their work and uphold the highest quality of safety standards.
    Work with you to achieve the best outcomes.


    Member of:
    International Concrete Repair Institute
    Australasian Concrete Repair Association

    NSW Fair Trading
    Licensed Contractor No. 292418C

    Our Managing Director has
    over 30 years of experience in
    concrete repair and structures contracting.


    Our Management maintain
    up-to-date knowledge of new
    developments in concrete remediation,
    protective coatings, grouting, structural
    strengthening and associated processes.

    Our Company is fully resourced with
    the latest equipment necessary to carry
    out your works effectively, efficiently,
    competently and in a timely manner.

    Our Staff are fully informed on all
    developments in chemicals, materials,
    and processes required to complete
    your works to the highest standards.

    Some of the key products used are
    geopolymers, polyurethanes, polyurea,
    carbon fibre strengthening, and epoxy

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