Skills & Training Policy

This FCS Concrete Repairs policy sets out guidelines for the training and development of employee’s that are identified as having a skills need or career path requirement. It is recognized that our field of operation in concrete repairs, protective coatings and fluid containment requires specialized skills with work in challenging environments for which available labour resources are limited. The provision of training opportunities is therefore essential to the expansion of FCS Concrete Repairs to meet the extensive Industry demands.

FCS Concrete Repairs policy emphasizes the importance of maintaining a learning programme to develop a core of well- rained individuals whose performance will enhance FCS Concrete Repairs capabilities to perform at a level that is consistent with Quality Management and Health and Safety objectives and meet Industry demands.

FCS Concrete Repairs policy is to ensure that all personnel are trained and become sufficiently experienced to the extent necessary to competently and effectively undertake their assigned tasks and responsibilities. It is also the aim of FCS Concrete Repairs to encourage its employees’ to make the most of learning opportunities to realise their own personal potential and job satisfaction.

FCS Concrete Repairs will maintain a learning environment where employees’ will be prepared to accept change, develop new skills and take responsibility for their own continuous learning, in partnership with their immediate Supervisor and the Directors, to ensure their effective contribution to the successful achievement of both the business goals and their personal goals.

Statement of Aims

FCS Concrete Repairs aims to ensure that:

  • There is always an active training plan in place at the start of every financial year to cover the forthcoming 12-month period.
  • Sufficient funding is set-aside in the financial budget to cover planned training expenditure for the current / impending financial year.
  • Employees fully understand their job function and expected performance standards through having accurate position descriptions.
  • Each employee has the opportunity to learn and become more experienced in his primary job function as well as in secondary skills and encouraged to develop his/her personal potential.
  • An annual appraisal system is in place for developing targets in order to create training and development plans.
  • There is a periodical review of the success of any training and development plan.
  • All new employees will undergo FCS Concrete Repairs induction training which includes the following topics:
    • Health & Safety Requirements
    • Integrated Management System Policies and Procedures
    • Skills and Training Needs Assessment
    • Terms & Conditions of Employment
    • Position Duties and Responsibilities
    • Employee Code of Conduct
  • A Skills & Training Matrix is maintained and regularly updated
  • Personnel Training Records are maintained for both internal and external training.

Statement of Intent

FCS Concrete Repairs statement of intent is as follows:

  • To offer training and development opportunities to all employees to maximise and utilise skills as effectively as possible, to increase FCS Concrete Repairs skills base and experience base, to improve existing levels of performance and to maximise employee service retention.

Training Strategy

FCS Concrete Repairs employee training strategy will be as follows.

  • To regularly update the skills & training matrix to enable assessment of training and development needs.
  • To liaise with our main equipment suppliers, information technology consultants and training service providers to keep abreast of training opportunities.
  • To then marry our training needs to suitable and viable training courses.
  • To record attendance and certification of attended training events.
  • To review the success and effectiveness of training received.

Senior Management Role

FCS Concrete Repairs Senior Management’s role will be as follows:

  • Senior Management must encourage and mentor all employees to learn from on the job problems, mistakes, challenges and successes inherent in their daily activities and tasks.
  • Senior Management must discuss, plan, implement, organise and review all training and development needs/plans in line with FCS Concrete Repairs primary business objectives and with regard to long-term growth, operational stability, organisational change and the employee’s personal fulfilment.