Application of FRP Composites in Strengthening the Reinforced Concrete Headstock of a Bridge Structure

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Case Study, Reinforced Concrete | 0 comments

Worldwide interest is being generated in the use of fibre-reinforced polymer composites FRP in the rehabilitation of aged or damaged reinforced concrete structures. As a replacement for the traditional steel plates or external posttensioning in strengthening applications, various types of FRP plates, with their high strength-to-weight ratio and good resistance to corrosion, represent a class of ideal material in externally retrofitting.

This paper describes a solution proposed to strengthen the damaged reinforced concrete headstock of the Tenthill Creeks Bridge, Queensland, Australia, using FRP composites.

A decision was made to consider strengthening the headstock using bonded carbon FRP laminates to increase the load carrying capacity of the headstock in shear and bending. The relevant guidelines and design recommendations were compared and adopted in accordance with AS 3600 and Austroads bridge design code to estimate the shear and flexural capacity of a rectangular cracked FRP reinforced concrete section.

Case Study By: Abolghasem Nezamian, Worley Parsons, and Sujeeva Setunge, RMIT University

Download a full-text PDF of the Case Study here

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