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    FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd was Incorporated in New South Wales in September 2014.

    FCS Concrete Repairs is a contracting company specialising in concrete remediation, protective coatings, permeation grouting, soil stabilisation, leak sealing and structural strengthening. This is a diverse list of services which can be utilised to resolve many problems associated with asset protection and remediation. This applies to all sectors from residential to commercial and industrial to public sewerage, water and drainage infrastructure to bridges, roads and rail to water storage reservoirs and dams to general marine and coastal infrastructure.

    FCS Concrete Repairs has an experienced team who can INVESTIGATE DIAGNOSE TEST and RECOMMEND the best and most cost effective solution anywhere in Australia and the Pacific.

    FCS Concrete Repairs have the experience, knowledge and expertise, with extensive Construction and Contract Management, and Estimating and Tendering experience.

    FCS Concrete Repairs is a Company with strong management systems and controls, and with mature Project Management and Administration practices.


    FCS Concrete Repairs have established the following Policy Statements in order to maintain a professional and disciplined operation:

    • Quality Policy
    • Environmental Policy
    • WHS Policy
    • Drug & Alcohol Policy
    • Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Smoke-free Workplace Policy
    • Rehabilitation Policy
    • Skills & Training Policy

    We want to establish a long term and trusted relationship with our clients and a work environment which encourages our staff to accept responsibility and complete their assigned duties in a friendly manner and to the best of their ability.


    An important development in the Company systems has been the successful implementation and accreditation of our Integrated Management System (IMS). The IMS has all of the quality ticks and is fully compliant with the following International and Australia-New Zealand Standards:

    1. AS/NZS 4801:2001 Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Systems
    2. ISO 9001:2015 Standard for Quality Management Systems
    3. ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems

    These Standards apply for health & safety, quality and environmental management and are independently audited each year by MSC Global to ensure that the systems are maintained and improved as required by the Standards.


    Our business capability is dependent upon the knowledge and up-to-date training of our employees and the level of Management experience and support for the workers in the field, on your project.

    We are fortunate to have employees who are some of the best in the Industry and who are supported on a daily basis by knowledgeable supervisors and Directors who are hands-on and involved on a daily basis on our project sites.

    In this Industry like many others there are constant advances in materials and processes and staff need to be trained to implement these advanced methods and implement new technologies. In recent years the advance in the use of Polyurethanes and Geopolymers has been rapid to the point where new concrete is being manufactured using Geopolymers and even bacteria which can make concrete self-healing.

    For these reasons staff training and selective employment of new staff is a challenging but important process. Our training matrix for all staff is an critical in this process and improves the capabilities of FCS Concrete Repairs as well as helping staff to advance.


    FCS Concrete Repairs have developed a “One Family” culture in a very short period of time where team work and quality workmanship are well established. This helps with staff morale and ensures that your project will get the best results without resorting to short cuts and inferior workmanship.

    We encourage our staff to be involved in the company’s site management and operations, and to be proud of their achievements. Personal satisfaction in the work that they do is key to a happy and stable workforce. This “One Family” culture is key to the future of the Company.

    The “One Family” culture, Teamwork and communication is important for morale and staff performance depends on everyone working safely and smarter. We want to be innovative and our aim is to be your first choice when the next project comes up. For this we must be capable and credible to protect our future and the future of the business.


    Our future aim is to be the best in our Industry but not necessarily the biggest. We want to provide a reliable and quality service to our customers which is within the control of Management and where our customer’s needs are fully achieved on every project. We want to be your first port of call every time.

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