Expansion Joint Remediation – Wyong NSW

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Product Used:

Sikaflex® Tank N is a 1-part Elastic Sealant for Joints Exposed to Chemicals.

Sikaflex® Tank N is used in areas for the storage, filling and handling of water polluting liquids such as floor joints in petrol stations, joints in handling areas, storage tanks and containment bunds, movement- and connection joints according to IVD data sheet no. 1. I. E. in workshops and parking garages

Remediation Process:

Prior to Sealing:

  • Removal of existing joints
  • Clean out existing expansion joints to depth of min 50mm using road saw with flat wire wheel
  • Clean out joints. Vacuum and sweep joints
  • Repair cracked concrete by pinning and stitching

Sealing to Expansion Joints:

  • Tape up sides of joint repair with Masking Tape to avoid spilling over
  • Install foam backing rods into the joints
  • Prime seal expansion joints with Sika® Primer-3-N
  • Installation of Sikaflex® Tank N into joint at a min. depth of 15mm
  • Remove masking tape
  • Final Inspection and hand-over.
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