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    March 12th, 2019 Posted by Featured Products 0 thoughts on “FEATURED PRODUCT: CONDUR ARP”

    Description: A flexible 2-part polyurethane based elastomeric concrete mixed with part 3 proprietary aggregates with excellent bond to steel & concrete, high load bearing capacity, impact, vibration, chemical, oil resistant. Trafficable within one hour of application.

    Principle Uses: Suitable for repairs to ways, highways, bridges, expansion joints and for installation of new expansion joints.

    Coverage/Yield: 1800 kg/m3

    Condur ARP Advantages

    • Flexible & do not need to destroy the surrounding concrete
    • Epoxy & most other high early strength repair materials prematurely fail because they are rigid.
    • Rigid repair materials installed in rigid pavement require that both the materials have similar coefficient of expansion. Most do not and as a result destroy the surrounding patch & concrete.
    • Condur ARP provides a flexible patch that will deflect as surrounding concrete expands and contracts rather than destroy it.
    • High compressive stress & elasticity unlike epoxies, Condur ARP can handle heavy pressure before deflecting and allows itself to return to its original state after deflection.
    • High impact resistant – under bitterly cold conditions Condur ARP withstands heavy impact unlike epoxy and concrete-based materials that shatter.
    • Resistant to chemicals & discolouration over time – excellent U.V. resistance.
    • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
    • Greater compressive strength along with better impact resistance.
    • Can be easily installed with early strength gain & flexibility.
    • Can accept traffic in approx. one hour.
    • Fully cured material is resistant to changes in temperature.
    • Use as a pourable sealant in expansion joints.
    • Withstands heavy loading.
    • Resistant to chemicals & fuel oils.

    See Full Technical Data Sheet



    Final Setting Time @25oC: Approx. 60 min.

    Specific Gravity @25oC: Approx. 1.8 kg/litre

    Rheological Properties

     (Immediately after mixing): Self-Leveling.

    Tensile Strength: > 5 MPa. ASTM D638

    Elongation at Break: > 50 % ASTM D638

    Shore D Hardness: Approx.55-60 (Full Cure) ASTM D2240

    Impact Resistance: No crack or breaks observed. ASTM D3029

    Abrasion Test: 139 Mg/1000 cycles

    Compressive Strength: 7 Days @25oC 7.5 – 12 N/mm2 ASTM C579

    Trafficable at 25oC: Approx. 1 hour.

    Full Cure Time at 25oC: 7 Days

    Adhesion Bond Strength: 3.2 N/mm2 to Concrete @ 7 Days ASTM D4541

    Chemical Resistance: Dilute sulphuric acid

    Dilute NaOH solution

    Sea water

    Chlorine water

    Waste water


    Soap solution

    Fuels & oils ASTM D543

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